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Welcome! [Jun. 27th, 2006|01:12 pm]
The Truth About Law School
Welcome, one and all.

This community has been designed to meet the needs of a very small population. Every year thousands upon thousands of individuals elect to pursue a legal education for almost as many reasons. A large number of those individuals approach the law as a means to some specific end: money, power, social change, success, fame, etc.

The moderators of this community are all individuals who have pursued a legal education with social change in mind - only to find that a legal education has taken them farther from their goal than they were when they started on this path. In light of this, they have decided to compile information regarding alternatives to a career/education in the law for individuals wishing to pursue some social change.

We invite those who agree and disagree with this assessment to provide insight on personal and observed experiences that may prove useful for compiling a guide to those considering the pursuit of justice through the remarkably unassociated field of law.

Rules for this community will be provided on an individual basis upon application for membership.